Corporate social responsibility

One of the Gestesa Corporation  objectives, which we grant the main importance, is to energize the cultural life of the municipalities in which we operate, on an ongoing basis by means of activities of sponsorship and patronage.

Outstanding performances:

  • Sponsors Partners of the IESE Business School, University of Navarra, Spain.
  • Futsal sponsors Team "Gestesa Guadalajara", awarded prestigious National Honor Division.
  • Sponsors of the program and the annual of  the Association of Guadalajara Press, since 2005
  • Forum Civitas Nova of Castilla-La Mancha was sponsored for research, exchange of knowledge and about housing an urban development
  • Participation in the project "A decent home for every family" by Vincent Ferrer Foundation, to build houses with the necessary sanitary conditions in Anantapur (India).
  • To sponsor on TV program: "Family Secrets", by the Foundation O 'Belen, for infant attention and their families.
  • National Novel Award Duchy of Loeches, Spain, it is a biennial prize of  60,000 €, and a share greater than the 130 works presented in the latest editio.
  • The program "Urban Theatre" organized by the Culture Department of the City of Guadalajara, Spain
  • Sponsors of the Health Meeting Eye Care "Come and you will see" in Madrid and Guadalajara

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