Group of Companies

Gestesa Corporation is composed of a group of companies that have grown to cover all aspects of real estate projects: land acquisition and development, housing promotion, construction of buildings, marketing and after sales service.

The aim is to offer our customers the most extensive service before, during and after their home purchase. Therefore, we also include other auxiliary areas as landscaping, home decorating, electrical installations, home automation and home networking. 


The original company and real estate promoter of the Group, has business interests in all companies within, that range between 33% and 100% of the capital. In total, the whole group manage more than 4 million of square meters buildable in the Spanish regions of Madrid, Andalucía, Castilla-La Mancha and Comunidad Valenciana. It is based in Guadalajara, Spain, and has more than 60 employees grouped in several departments that serve different business areas.


The quality and wealth of the experience building over 4,000 homes is a guarantee of our service and proof of our 14-year’s successful operations.

Operating in Madrid, Alicante, Logroño, Castilla La Mancha, although it’s area of greatest influence and the strongest market consolidation is in central Spain.

Coman has a very flexible structure. There are currently 30 employees working at the offices and 180 at the building sites. With the current structure, we can go from 100 to 300 employees by contracting workers.


Gestesa International has been founded in 2006 due to the geographical expansion and diversification of the Group's activities.

Gestesa International is based on a corporate financial structure that has as its  centre the contribution that Gestesa Spain performs through social capital and equity loans, which reached 10 million euros in late 2008.

In order to optimize the legal and tax structure Gestesa Investissements International, S.a.r.l., was established in Luxembourg in 2007. The company owned by Gestesa International (Spain) in its entirety is the holding company for all the international operations.


  • Policredit

Gestesa Desarrollos Urbanos, S.L. own it by 60% of the capital. It is a company specialized in consulting and financial advisory. Its mission is to provide the final client, founds for the purchase of their home.

  • Alcasum

Gestesa has 33.33% of the capital. This company is dedicated
to DIY (Do It Yourself), hardware store,
and industrial painting and coatings products to supplier for large companies,
professionals and public.

  • Galsa Instalaciones Eléctricas

Gestesa is involved in 33.33% of the capital. Its operations focused on the assembly and maintenance in buildings and construction of all kinds of electrical installations as well as industrial automation systems.

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